So what is your version of family life

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Re: So what is your version of family life

Post by josh » Wed Jan 16, 2008 5:27 pm

Hi, im josh, this is my first time here so i`m a little insecure about where to start.

Age will do. I have 14 years and all my life i've had this feeling i was diferent. It has been a hell of a year since i decided to start accepting me as i am and stop trying to run from that true. I got into a huge depression and attemped to suicide twice before i started my treatment. Three months ago i could not even think about a future, but now is easier to let pass every day without all this mess. Anyway...

The day i decided to let my parents know i was really nervous. Told them to sat down, turn off the television and tell me they loved me unconditionaly. I went exactly like this:

-mom, dad... I have to tell you something.

-so, what are you acting so weirdly?

-listen... -i just couldnt bare it for one second more so i almost spited the words out of my mouth- im gay.

They stood there silently for like two minutes. I wasnt able to say a word.

-we... Already knew-they said.

They told me they had noticed the way i stared at some guys, specially one called urrutia, a very good friend of mine i used to admire secretly-or not that secretly- before we knew each other as friends. Now, he even hugs me. We are very much alike in every aspect, from the zodiac (both acuario) to the fisic.

-is not something knew. We had our...

Then they started crying and locked their room with me outside.

Now my family life is strange. Everithing goes well until a cute guy appears on the t.v, or walking by. The spoke to me again and told me that no matter what, they loved me, that i was blood of their blood. But i have my doubts. They ask me if im gonna be a good parent, if the woman i will marry will work and all kinds of different preasures. They weren't ready.

And now i find this incredible web site! I hope is what im looking for, and i'll join as a member soon.

So what is your version of family life

Post by Gino » Sun Jan 06, 2008 7:10 pm

So many people still think that a "family" consists of one man, one woman and children

Why is it that gay families are still not fully considered part of society?