So what is your version of family life

Lets talk about it! How does being gay effect your family? Share Your coming out stories! How does being same sex parents effect life?

So what is your version of family life

Postby Gino » Sun Jan 06, 2008 7:10 pm

So many people still think that a "family" consists of one man, one woman and children

Why is it that gay families are still not fully considered part of society?
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Re: So what is your version of family life

Postby josh » Wed Jan 16, 2008 5:27 pm

Hi, im josh, this is my first time here so i`m a little insecure about where to start.

Age will do. I have 14 years and all my life i've had this feeling i was diferent. It has been a hell of a year since i decided to start accepting me as i am and stop trying to run from that true. I got into a huge depression and attemped to suicide twice before i started my treatment. Three months ago i could not even think about a future, but now is easier to let pass every day without all this mess. Anyway...

The day i decided to let my parents know i was really nervous. Told them to sat down, turn off the television and tell me they loved me unconditionaly. I went exactly like this:

-mom, dad... I have to tell you something.

-so, what are you acting so weirdly?

-listen... -i just couldnt bare it for one second more so i almost spited the words out of my mouth- im gay.

They stood there silently for like two minutes. I wasnt able to say a word.

-we... Already knew-they said.

They told me they had noticed the way i stared at some guys, specially one called urrutia, a very good friend of mine i used to admire secretly-or not that secretly- before we knew each other as friends. Now, he even hugs me. We are very much alike in every aspect, from the zodiac (both acuario) to the fisic.

-is not something knew. We had our...

Then they started crying and locked their room with me outside.

Now my family life is strange. Everithing goes well until a cute guy appears on the t.v, or walking by. The spoke to me again and told me that no matter what, they loved me, that i was blood of their blood. But i have my doubts. They ask me if im gonna be a good parent, if the woman i will marry will work and all kinds of different preasures. They weren't ready.

And now i find this incredible web site! I hope is what im looking for, and i'll join as a member soon.

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