GS OUTreach Team

Tell us about incidents you have encountered in Surrey. Why is hate crime such an issue and what do you believe we as a charity can do to help? What can the police and other's do?

GS OUTreach Team

Postby GSProjectDirector » Fri Oct 01, 2010 12:51 am

Ok Boyz and Girls,

Our outreach teams are out and about in Surrey PSE's.

We want to engage directly with PSE(cottaeging) users.

What do we talk about?
Everything from hatecrime awareness, supporting the community by increasing reporting of homophobic attacks and abuse. Providing a listening ear to problems and concerns. We are committed to supporting you, regardless of the choices you make, it's not our role to judge, endorse or condem. We do provide info pacts with safer sex materials included because we are heavily committed to promoting safer sex, we also provide info on how to report hatecrime to the police, and work with the police to furthering our mutual commitment to tackling hatecrime

Is our chat confidential?

Yes, without question, we will never pass your details on without your permission, the only exception to this is if we believe we are required to do so under the law, child protection for example, or if a court orders us to do so.

Our efforts are currently focusing on East Surrey (PSE's ), which needed a bit more support. We work ad hoc and for safety of our team members, we will not state in advance where we will be. If you want to make contact with us, outside of a pse, please e mail me in confidence, as I am heading this engaging project, and its likely you will probably meet me at some point whilst I am conducting outreach.

Our volunteers, including me, can be validated by the contacting the charity, should you feel concerned that someone might be misrepresenting themselves as gaysurrey, we would also ask you to contact the police, who can quickly asertain idenity, my team will not be offended by this process.

Hope to see you out there, please be safe

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