The Peacocks Centre Woking

Tell us about incidents you have encountered in Surrey. Why is hate crime such an issue and what do you believe we as a charity can do to help? What can the police and other's do?

The Peacocks Centre Woking

Postby GaySurrey » Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:37 pm

Over the last 17 months we have been in discussions with the Peacocks centre and management owners Churston Heard surrounding the issues the charity gay Surrey have encountered. The following statement has been put together for public use regarding this matter and the forthcoming 1st December World Aids day event in Woking.

The Peacocks Centre Woking

Following your support of the petition on Gay Surrey’s website regarding The Peacocks Centre Woking we are writing to confirm the following:

The Peacocks Shopping Centre is non-discriminatory, is open to all members of the public and operates wholly in accordance with employment, equality and diversity laws.
Churston Heard are unable to comment in regards to Mr Keepings alleged comments to the press and feel these comments have certainly been misquoted and misinterpreted

The Centre has continued to, and will continue to, make space available for events and charitable collections and was extremely disappointed by the reporting in the local press of the lack of charitable representation at World Aids Day in December 2007.

We are pleased to announce that The Centre and Gay Surrey are working closely together to ensure that the key aim of raising awareness of the fight against HIV and AIDS is promoted and can confirm that charitable collections are being held on 1st December 2008.
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