Fertilisation Bill

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Fertilisation Bill

Postby GaySurrey » Sat Oct 25, 2008 1:52 am

LAST NIGHT the House of Commons voted by 355 to 129 to pass the new Human Fertilisation & Embryology Bill.

There'll be one final debate in the House of Lords although it will be almost impossible for peers to amend the key parts of the Bill affecting access to fertility clinics.

We've always thought it scandalous that lesbian couples could lawfully be excluded from the safety of NHS clinics, for which we all pay. Often they've been forced to use unregulated backstreet services instead.

A constellation of individuals and organisations, including politicians from many parties, have supported us over this issue. We're hugely grateful to all of them.

We've always remained calmly determined to present the credible scientific evidence that children in lesbian and gay families develop in exactly the same social and intellectual way as any others. But this latest step forward for our communities is an important reminder that lesbian and gay families are every bit as loving and tender, and magical, as any other. It will bring a lot of happiness to countless thousands of couples.

Thank you for all your support in securing this historic victory.
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