Gay Grandparents

Lets talk about it! How does being gay effect your family? Share Your coming out stories! How does being same sex parents effect life?

Gay Grandparents

Postby virtualgranny » Mon May 09, 2011 3:21 pm


I am creator of a website called ( which is aimed at changing old fashioned views of grandparents. I happen to be a step-grandparent and have never had children of my own.

I would like to write a feature and also shoot a short video interview with some gay Grandparents for the virtualgranny website. Might anyone be interested in being featured? the piece will be upbeat and would only take about an hour or two to shoot. We are professional TV producers. As you can see, all of the five or ten minute films on the virtualgranny site are professionally produced and go on site via You Tube.

If anyone is interested, then please get in touch at heading the mail Gay Grandparents

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