Aids awareness ban at the Peacocks Woking

Tell us about incidents you have encountered in Surrey. Why is hate crime such an issue and what do you believe we as a charity can do to help? What can the police and other's do?

Aids awareness ban at the Peacocks Woking

Postby Gino » Fri Dec 28, 2007 5:44 pm

Please support our petition

You may recall the story in February's edition of the Woking News and Mail which talked about how Gay Surrey were not allowed a stand in the Peacocks centre, Mr Keeping, Centre Manager indicated that there was no room for compromise on the issue and felt the charity's presence was deemed inappropriate in a family shopping centre.

Some 8 months later we find ourselves back in the hot seat and declined space to promote "World Aids Day" as it was deemed inappropriate to have a presence in a shopping centre that is for families and children . Mr Keeping stated "I don't think the promotion of lesbian or gay activity is appropriate in this centre but I'm not saying it isn't appropriate elsewhere"

As a charity we are taking the relevant steps to ensure this kind of discrimination is made known to the relevant people. We have reported this to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Surrey asking them to investigate this further under the Equality Act 2006 which legislates against discrimination in the retail and goods sector

We will keep you posted as the story unfolds, but in the meantime we need your help

The next step is to start a petition to raise awareness to this and to see how far we as a charity can go to prevent this kind of discrimination from happening again, remember we should now be protected under the Equality Act 2006.

More on the full story
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