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Civil Partnership Registration

How will we be able to form a Civil Partnership?
Giving notice
What formal requirements have to be met before registration can take place?
Licensed Venues to hold your Civil Partnership
How much will it cost
What will it mean?
What are the new Rights and Responsibilities?
How can I buy products and invitations
Does this mean that there is going to be such a thing as gay divorce?
See the Civil Partnership unfold and answer some of those questions
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Civil Partnership Registration

The new Civil Partnership Registration Act, allowing same sex couples many of the benefits previously available only to married couples, is now live. This will allow the first Civil Partnership Registration to take place on 21st December 2005.

The Civil Partnership Act is a completely new legal relationship, exclusively for same sex couples, distinct from marriage

The government has sought to give Civil Partners parity of treatment with spouses, as far as is possible, in the rights and responsibilities that come from forming a Civil Partnership. The Civil Partnership will be an exclusively civil procedure


How will people be able to form a Civil Partnership?

The range of places you can form a Civil Partnership will be broadly similar to those available for civil marriage.

Every Local Authority within Surrey will be required to provide a facility for the registration of a Civil Partnership; most will also offer a ceremony to enhance this important occasion.



Giving Notice

From the 5th December 2005, couples can attend their local Register Office to give notice of their Civil Partnership.

If you are both British passport holders and an EEA National, you are not subject to immigration control; therefore you can give notice of Civil Partnership to any Civil Partnership Registrar in Surrey.

If either of you are foreign nationals, you may be subject to immigration control.

Both of you must have lived in a registration district in England or Wales for at least 7 days immediately before giving notice at the Register Office. If you both live in Surrey you can both attend at either Guildford , Leatherhead or Weybridge Register Offices to give notice of Civil Partnership. If either or both of you live outside of Surrey you must give notice of Civil Partnership at your local Register Office. After giving notice you must wait a further 15 clear days before the Civil partnership can take place. For example, if notice is given on the 1st July the Civil Partnership may take place on or after 17th July

When you attend before the Civil Partnership Registrar to make the formal arrangements you will need to produce certain documents.

Your Passport
Full birth certificate (short certificate may be acceptable in born before 1st January 1983)
Proof of residency e.g driving licence or recent utility bill (n.b photocopies are not acceptable)

Other documents may also be required depending the circumstances. For example, the consent of parents to a civil partnership is required where one or both of the parties is under the age of 18 years. If either has been through a Civil Partnership or Marriage before, a Court document showing the dissolution of the partnership or decree absolute must be produced. These documents must bear the courts original stamps. If these documents are not in English a translation must also be provided together with the original documents. If your previous partner has died, a certificate of their death must be provided.
What formal requirements have to be met before registration can take place?
You and your partner will be required to each give notice in the registration authority where you and your partner have resided for at least the last seven days. When you give notice, you will be asked to state where and when you wish the Civil Partnership registration to take place. These details will need to have been first agreed with the Local Authority where the registration is going to take place and the venue if it is outside your district of residence .
Licensed Venues to hold your Civil Partnership

Each area will offer you a range of approved venues in which you can hold your Civil Partnership signing and ceremony, please note that not all venues may decide to opt for this option and its always best to check with the venue or Pink Weddings.


How much will it cost

Civil Partnership Fees

There are set fees for giving notice to a Civil Partnership Registrar and their attendance at a Civil Partnership Registration.

Fees from 5 December 2005
Notice of Civil Partnership
£30.00 (each)

Registration in the Statutory Register Office On day of registration
£43.50 (£40.00 + £3.50 certificate)

Registration at a Licensed Venue varies, contact your local register office to find out costs.

Further information
In addition, you may find it useful to link to the Office for National Statistics, which includes the General Register Office and the Family Records Centre. Their web site provides lots of useful information about copy certificates and how to apply for them, plus many other things.

What will it mean?
The registration of a Civil Partnership is for adult same sex couples, who are not in an existing registered partnership, are not married and are not closely related. Gay and lesbian couples will be able to sign an official document at a Register Office or a Licensed Venue in the presence of a Civil Partnership registrar and two witnesses; you may also opt for a ceremony. Couples that have formed the legal partnership will have new legal status as 'Registered Civil Partners' and be protected by a number of rights and responsibilities.
What are the new Rights and Responsibilities?

Here are some of them:

  • Surviving partners will be recognised under inheritance and intestacy rules and will have succession rights
  • Partners will access joint treatment for income related benefits
  • Joint state pension benefits and the right to a survivor pension
  • They will have the ability to gain parental responsibility for each other's children
  • They will be recognised for immigration purposes
  • They will be exempt from testifying against each other in court
  • In addition if one partner dies the other will have the right to register their death
  • They will be eligible for bereavement benefits and compensation for fatal accidents or criminal injuries

Does this mean that there is going to be such a thing as gay divorce?

Yes, there will be a legal process of dissolution. This will be a court process where the partner applying for the dissolution will have to show there has been an irretrievable break down in the relationship.

The dissolution will involve fair arrangements for property division, financial relief, residence arrangements and appropriate contact with children.

Surrey County Council looks forward to these life altering changes on the 5th December 2005 and welcomes you to Surrey Register Office and Licensed Venues for your partnership registration and ceremony.


Contact Details

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