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Phaze Radio - in gay surrey

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Phaze Radio is a gay owned station and some of our presenters are gay too although not necessarily targeting a gay audience we air news, events, features and discussions that all can listen to and enjoy. Here at phaze there is a show and a Presenter to suit all tastes.  Phaze was launched on the 7th of August 2006 after much planning and development. A lot of the staff are experienced members of radio and have worked on various stations on the world wide web and also in the world we call reality too.

Phaze Radio Started off with one crazy man's idea which has lead to it turning into the huge venture it is today.

Already we have been approached by some amazing people like Gay Surrey and Paltalk which is a voice and video enabled chat programme. You can find our room in the Radio/TV Section of paltalk and meet and greet all our dj's and supporters there, to join in some kind of sponsorship deal or even in some situations been asked if we have shows and time slots available.  I don't think myself and Marc realised how much it would take off to be honest. We owe them a lot of gratitude for just helping out when ever we have needed them and they are always willing to jump on board and up to the ranks when needed.

Phaze Radio has been an ambition of mine (Rob) and Marcs and to some extent Cheryl's as well for a long time. We have worked hard as a team to get where we are today.

Phaze is just like working as one big happy family, we all get along really well and we all strive to make the station what it is. 

I know that working in partnership with both Gay Surrey and Paltalk will just be a phenomenal achievement in its self. Phaze Radio is something that we should all be proud of.

Gay Surrey becomes live on Phaze Radio, make it real

In partnership with

come chat in the room, meet new friends as you listen to Phaze Radio.

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