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Surrey's LGBTQ Youth Club runs every Monday night from 7.30pm-9.30pm.

Twister, is run in partnership by Surrey Youth Development and Connexions and is supported by Gay Surrey and the Terence Higgins Trust.

There will be a full and diverse program every week which the young people will contribute to, plus regular features such as up to the minute I.T facilities, PS2, Freeview, DVD, video, pool table, catering, music, arts and current publications, information and leaflets. There is the chance to socialise with friends, participate with group work or treat yourself to a one to one chat with a Youth Worker or Health Professional.

Find out how the first night rocked....
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Guildford LGBTQ Youth Club Rocks!

The grand opening night at Guildford LGBTQ Youth Club on the 13th February was hailed a great success by both the young people and the workers.

The doors opened at 7.30pm and the young people were greeted with helium balloons, streamers, party poppers and Valentine chocolates kindly provided by Gay Surrey. Leaflets and promotion products were supplied by the Terence Higgins Trust who will be providing a worker on a monthly basis to deliver healthy lifestyle workshops and activities.

Guildford Youth Development Workers from Surrey Youth Development Services joined Sam King , the Connexions PA for LGBTQ young people to make the young people welcome and introduce them to the club. The facilities include PS2, DVD, computers, pool table, art equipment and much more and the young people soon got stuck in, using the dance mat, computers, music and creating pr ayer flags.

Keir Schiltz, Senior Strategy and Development Officer for Surrey Youth Services who attended the evening afterwards commented;

'The evening was a huge success and really enjoyable. The enthusiasm and commitment of both the young people and the workers was obvious to see. It confirms to me that we are on the right track, both in terms of what we provide and the way in which we are providing it with our partners.'

The young people also had plenty to say with comments such as ' The new club rocks', 'congratulations on a great first night', ' Last night was fabulous, congratulations to all involved' and 'Last night was very, very good, well done!'

The youth club is now open every Monday from 7.30pm - 9.30pm, if you are an LGBTQ young person and would like to join in the fun please contact Sam on .

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