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“Scouting” on Social Media

In many cases, traffickers will “scout” their prey on social media.  Instagram and Grindr are two of the key platforms used. If you know a friend or loved one who has become deeply involved in a relationship with someone they met online or on social media, they could be a […]


Traffickers often focus on runaways, who are particularly vulnerable, as victims.  If you know someone who is a frequent runaway and is staying with someone other than a parent or guardian, they are at risk of being trafficked. #RecognizeTheSigns

Broken Promises

Labor traffickers often take substantial “fees” from potential employees, making promises that they will be paid later on or that the fee is being paid in exchange for the opportunity to work. #RecognizeTheSigns


Did you know that potential sex trafficking victims often get wrapped up in fast-moving, asymmetric romantic relationships with traffickers. Asymmetric relationships are often defined by significant differences in age or wealth.  Worth noting in a county that is known for wealth and power 

Sex labour and the LGBT

It happens on your doorstep… Did you know in Surrey, sex and labor traffickers prey on the vulnerability of the LGBT community. That’s how they find their victims.  Do you know what to watch out for when you see a potential victim of human trafficking?  Join us over the next […]

Breaking the Cycle

Trafficking survivors need support to break the cycle of abuse. The measures included in the Nationality and Borders Bill do not adequately address the problem of human traffickingEvery year the British Red Cross supports hundreds of survivors of human trafficking in the UK.The trauma that survivors of trafficking experience has […]

Surrey Police how to notice the signs

Surrey Police

Modern slavery could be happening in your community so it’s important you know the signs that could indicate someone is a victim of this crime. The signs aren’t always obvious but there are some that you may notice:  do they look scruffy, malnourished or injured? are they acting anxious, afraid […]