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Spot the signs : financial exploitation

Human trafficking

you may feel this is something that does not happen in Surrey but it does, our community especially when feeling vulnerable and have no money seek work, but before they know it they are under the control of the victimizer, offered little payment and no access to their money. To […]

Employment Exploitation

Did you know… If you know someone who has been offered work somewhere far away, but the employer doesn’t want to provide details about the job, there’s a good chance the employer is a trafficker.  Traffickers literally take you away from your support systems.  With COVID around and jobs getting […]

Learn to #RecognizeTheSigns

Our community is potentially vulnerable to trafficking if they: – Have an unstable living situation – Have previously been abused, sexually or physically – Have run away – Live below the poverty line – Have a substance abuse disorder

Domestic Abuse in LGBT Communities

Individuals who suffer (or have suffered) domestic or family abuse are at high risk of being trafficked.  Anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, sexuality or background. There are different kinds of abuse that can happen in different contexts. The most prevalent […]

“Scouting” on Social Media

In many cases, traffickers will “scout” their prey on social media.  Instagram and Grindr are two of the key platforms used. If you know a friend or loved one who has become deeply involved in a relationship with someone they met online or on social media, they could be a […]


Traffickers often focus on runaways, who are particularly vulnerable, as victims.  If you know someone who is a frequent runaway and is staying with someone other than a parent or guardian, they are at risk of being trafficked. #RecognizeTheSigns