coming out story

Lets talk about it! How does being gay effect your family? Share Your coming out stories! How does being same sex parents effect life?

coming out story

Postby Dave » Sun Aug 10, 2008 5:54 pm

Hi all i came out to my brother this weekend! and i realised just how lucky i was. Love ya Bro!!
For a while he's been moaning how secretive ive become (more to do with the fact that i have been exploring my sexuality more this least year from online profiles to going to a few local 'gay nites' and meeting new ppl and getting very close to one guy). We had an amazing day where he mentioned it a few times so I thought to myself it the moment occurs im gonna talk to him about it, Funny thing was it really didnt. Even with a few drinks down me (so much for duch courage) LOL I think he thought i was on drugs lol

Well to try and cut the very long story down, n to stop you being board (get on with it already) as we were going to bed i turned round to him and said "I hope you realise im BI" He sorta chuckled and walked off. I was laying in bed thinking he must have thought i was joking about so decided to follow it up with a txt confirming its real. He was so amazing and supportive if not a bit too inquisitive lol.

I was shocked to find out he had even more gay friends then I, and unlike me had even been clubbing in a few gay venues.

Next is deciding if im ready or indeed want to try and talk to my parents about it...

Has anyone else been thought it? was it as easy or more difficult?

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