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Homeless LGBT

24% of people at risk of homelessness in the UK identify as LGBTQ, out of which 77% claim that this was a direct result of familial rejection (AKT, 2019). There are many challenges that come with being homeless. Lack of economic resources, food and shelter can increase exposure to traffickers. Once homeless the risk of “grooming, psychological manipulation, physical abuse, and exploitation” can increase (, 2009).

Experiencing homophobia and discrimination can amplify the effects of this. Homeless LGBTQ youth specifically can suffer more from mental health issues and drug abuse.

Supplying drugs is a common method traffickers can use to entice their victims and force them into work via debt repayment (Kelly, 2018). A lack of support can increase the appeal of illicit activity for financial gain, under these circumstances homeless LGBTQ can be easily exploited.